What do you really need out of life. To start out with, existence. Anything after that is simply an addition. Take a look at the night sky. So much of the universe is simply empty, not that emptiness is a bad thing, but the universe wouldn’t exist without the empty space. The emptiness is where the universe started out, and then light was added to it in the form of stars.

Can a person simply live by going out into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing and a knife? Absolutely yes. There is nothing wrong with this style of living, you can’t find deficiency in it. Most people simply choose to add more to their life.

The more you can add to your life, the more complexity you develop. You develop complexity to the point where maintenance is necessary. And when maintenance can’t take place, you have accumulation. Where accumulation comes in, you’re held back, enslaved, owned by your past.


In the beginning, God created the Heavens and Earth, filled them with wonders and creatures. Six days of creation and a day of rest. How majestic, God’s universe perfect in every way.

In those early days, God added a man on the earth. He even gave him a wife. The man and his wife walked in perfection, walked with God. God gave them everything to enjoy except the fruit on one tree.

Then the devil came along. He offered them something extra, something they thought was desirable – knowledge. All they had to do was eat the fruit of the one tree they couldn’t; and they did.

In the end, not only did they gain knowledge [an undesirable knowledge], but they lost everything that mattered. This is the fall, the first failure.

Living Without

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” Words from a song written in the 1960’s, but still there is a truth in these. It’s a life altering truth when you understand it. It might just matter more than everything you hold dear.

Life is perceived as a tangible manifestation of experiences. In this way reality is made known to us. In this life you only have a short time available to you. So, living without being bound to the material world is freeing. Far too often the average person experiences far less than life can offer. The person who was most famous for singing those lyrics died of a drug overdose before anyone heard her sing the song. If freedom is really obtainable, then what is the use of stockpiling everything that will get in your way? Why drown in a slurry of waste?

Imagine the abomination of a life where you’re pulled apart in a million directions. Consider what happens when your busy mind can never find rest. Think about never being able to tell the difference between what’s true and the lies that would destroy you. Imagine a life without freedom.


Back around 2000-2001 when I was in college, I had gotten to know an Irish nun, Sister Clare Julian, who later became Sister Julianna Johanna. She had a pretty simple website, but the person who set it up for her was no longer able to maintain it. As a person who was involved in both the church and technology, I offered to help her with it. I managed to maintain it through many years and different hosts. I think the first one was Angelfire – that brings back some wild memories of all the amateur days of html.

I had always considered her website a sort of sacred space. Peaceful and personal, it was full of stories and memories that evoked feelings. It was simple and majestic.

The last time we spoke was in 2017. I lost touch of her after that. Sometime after January of 2020 the last webhost took the site down. I haven’t been able to reach her or find her since. All of her email accounts are closed. I decided to re-host her website as sort of a tribute to her legacy.

The Anchorhold Website (best viewed in Internet Explorer (embedded midi music), many external links are broken)

Why I left social media

Originally I got on Myspace/Facebook/Twitter somewhere around 2007-2009. It was nice and I met a few new people, found some people I already knew. Back in the early years it was pretty simple to use and really not all that intrusive.

Several years ago I had to fight it off as an addiction. Everyone I knew was on it, and I was on it all the time. I had stopped for a period of time altogether, and then after that I determined to use it only sparsely.

As I scroll through the Facebook news feed these days, all I see is clickbait, games, and advertisements. Nearly 1 out of every 3 “posts” on there was an advertisement. What’s worse is that all I see anyone share anymore is the same clickbait, games, and advertisements. Sometimes I see people post about their life, and that’s great, but it’s becoming the exception.

Too much negativity and arguments dominate the conversation. This is largely just a side effect of being on the web and the social-news that everyone consumes. To further this, there are algorithms in place which prioritize some content over other content. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but not something I care for.

So now, I’m starting my own platform, on my own terms. If you’re interested in what I’m interested in feel free to follow me here. I don’t want to advertise, I don’t want to unleash anything that I’m not about. This is going to be very clean and uncomplicated.