Why I left social media

Originally I got on Myspace/Facebook/Twitter somewhere around 2007-2009. It was nice and I met a few new people, found some people I already knew. Back in the early years it was pretty simple to use and really not all that intrusive.

Several years ago I had to fight it off as an addiction. Everyone I knew was on it, and I was on it all the time. I had stopped for a period of time altogether, and then after that I determined to use it only sparsely.

As I scroll through the Facebook news feed these days, all I see is clickbait, games, and advertisements. Nearly 1 out of every 3 “posts” on there was an advertisement. What’s worse is that all I see anyone share anymore is the same clickbait, games, and advertisements. Sometimes I see people post about their life, and that’s great, but it’s becoming the exception.

Too much negativity and arguments dominate the conversation. This is largely just a side effect of being on the web and the social-news that everyone consumes. To further this, there are algorithms in place which prioritize some content over other content. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but not something I care for.

So now, I’m starting my own platform, on my own terms. If you’re interested in what I’m interested in feel free to follow me here. I don’t want to advertise, I don’t want to unleash anything that I’m not about. This is going to be very clean and uncomplicated.

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