Back around 2000-2001 when I was in college, I had gotten to know an Irish nun, Sister Clare Julian, who later became Sister Julianna Johanna. She had a pretty simple website, but the person who set it up for her was no longer able to maintain it. As a person who was involved in both the church and technology, I offered to help her with it. I managed to maintain it through many years and different hosts. I think the first one was Angelfire – that brings back some wild memories of all the amateur days of html.

I had always considered her website a sort of sacred space. Peaceful and personal, it was full of stories and memories that evoked feelings. It was simple and majestic.

The last time we spoke was in 2017. I lost touch of her after that. Sometime after January of 2020 the last webhost took the site down. I haven’t been able to reach her or find her since. All of her email accounts are closed. I decided to re-host her website as sort of a tribute to her legacy.

The Anchorhold Website (best viewed in Internet Explorer (embedded midi music), many external links are broken)