What do you really need out of life. To start out with, existence. Anything after that is simply an addition. Take a look at the night sky. So much of the universe is simply empty, not that emptiness is a bad thing, but the universe wouldn’t exist without the empty space. The emptiness is where the universe started out, and then light was added to it in the form of stars.

Can a person simply live by going out into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing and a knife? Absolutely yes. There is nothing wrong with this style of living, you can’t find deficiency in it. Most people simply choose to add more to their life.

The more you can add to your life, the more complexity you develop. You develop complexity to the point where maintenance is necessary. And when maintenance can’t take place, you have accumulation. Where accumulation comes in, you’re held back, enslaved, owned by your past.

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