Living Without

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” Words from a song written in the 1960’s, but still there is a truth in these. It’s a life altering truth when you understand it. It might just matter more than everything you hold dear.

Life is perceived as a tangible manifestation of experiences. In this way reality is made known to us. In this life you only have a short time available to you. So, living without being bound to the material world is freeing. Far too often the average person experiences far less than life can offer. The person who was most famous for singing those lyrics died of a drug overdose before anyone heard her sing the song. If freedom is really obtainable, then what is the use of stockpiling everything that will get in your way? Why drown in a slurry of waste?

Imagine the abomination of a life where you’re pulled apart in a million directions. Consider what happens when your busy mind can never find rest. Think about never being able to tell the difference between what’s true and the lies that would destroy you. Imagine a life without freedom.

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